About Us

Ursula Lang, MD PhD


Dr. Lang is a molecular biologist and dermatopathologist with a passion for translational research and coaching.
She has seen first hand the stressors that academic careers can disproportionally have on women and minorities.
Coaching transformed her life and she has made it a part of her life mission to share the knowledge and tools with others.
Dr. Lang is an integral part of the wellness committee within her department and a leader in the anti-racism efforts at an institutional level.
Her coaching focuses on time management and living an authentic life, which are integral to the process of finding a fulfilling work-life balance.

Brianne Daniels, DO


Dr. Daniels is a board certified dermatopathologist working in an academic setting. She is co-director of the wellness committee for her department, and is a certified life coach. She is a woman in medicine and a partner to a junior principal investigator in academia. Dr. Daniels is also a mother to two energetic kids, as well as a sister, friend and teammate to many women in STEMM careers. She is fiercely dedicated to the mission of STEMM Doctors Coaching: to bring exceptional coaching to people in STEMM careers.
Through her life experiences with professional achievement and adjustment, personal loss, and creative cultivation, she offers valuable knowledge and skills applicable to the struggles of career trajectories and personal relationships alike. 
Dr. Daniels cares deeply about people and their health and well-being. She brings love, compassion, tenacity and her full knowledge and experience both personally and professionally to every coaching session.